In March 2016, AFNO was delighted win a years project with Hounslow Clinical Commissioning (CCG) group. We will work with Hounslow CCG to find out about the health needs of the Nepalese community living in Hounslow. The project will aim to get a better understanding of the common health ailments in the Nepalese community and tailor-make awareness sessions on how they can ‘self-manage’ their illnesses and health conditions with participants from Hounslow borough. The project will also aim to improve the quality of life of long-term patients by raising awareness, providing sufficient information (through translation of information into Nepali language) and encouraging self-care and self-management of their condition by leading a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, to help them become aware of health services that are available and tackle issues surrounding access to these services. This will also give and understanding of how Hounslow CCG and Hounslow Public Health can identify ways of providing access to intervention programmes such as X-PERT, which has been shown to be effective for sufferers of high blood pressure, Diabetes and heart problems etc. (X-PERT National Results, 2013). Ultimately, the project aims to support the CCG’s objective to boost the number of Nepalese patients who are able to ‘self-manage’ their condition, suffer less severe health complications in their later years and prevent high-risk cases from developing into more serious health conditions. In other words, together we intend to help Nepalese people from the borough be able to attain the highest level of health they can. We have recruited participants from the borough who have long-term ailments and/or who have family members with health problems. They will be part of Hounslow CCG’s Nepalese Patient Reference Group and will be partaking in quarterly focus group discussions run throughout the year.

On some occasions health professionals will also join us. Our first session was held on the 21 st of April 2016. The next session is due to be held in July 2016.