आफ्नो | AFNO, Advocacy for Nepalese Organisation, is a charity committed to working with the Nepalese community, especially the Gurkha community, for the betterment of their health and social wellbeing, for their integration into the wider British society and for the promotion of Nepalese culture in London AFNO in Nepali means “one’s own” and we aim to promote that sentiment by being inclusive and reaching the wider Nepalese community to offer our services.

One of the main purposes of AFNO is to act as a bridge connecting the Nepalese community to local and national health and social care services. We work in the following boroughs of London where there is a high volume of Nepalese population Brent, Ealing, Greenwich, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow.

  Advocacy and liaison.

  Accessing community services such as GP’s, Housing Support, Job Centre and other services.

  Form filling and Signposting.

  Dedicated Nepalese-speaking staff and volunteers.

  Opportunities to develop and gain new skills through volunteering.

Our values / Mission Statement

AFNO supports and empowers the Nepalese community by facilitating fair and equal access to services and resources, encouraging integration through collaborative partnerships and enabling Nepalese communities to fulfil their individual and collective aspirations

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